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You'll find a selection of stories which featured in the local and regional press, from our idea of providing a radio service through to us actually going on air! Simply click on a story title for the press cutting to be displayed...
Eastern Daily Press
Tue 03-Sep-1996 :: 'New People's Radio Station Proposed' ::
Tue 17-Sep-1996 :: 'Plans For New Radio Station' ::
Mon 30-Sep-1996 :: 'Enthusiasts Aiming For The Airwaves' ::
Tue 12-Nov-1996 :: 'Community Radio Will Go A Long Way' ::
Tue 10-Dec-1996 :: 'New Company Bids For Radio Licence' ::
Tue 04-Mar-1997 :: 'Radio Team In Licence Bid Seeks Cash And Studio' ::
Tue 25-Mar-1997 :: 'Making Waves In Battle For Radio' ::
Thu 12-Jun-1997 :: 'Familiar Voices Promise For Radio' ::
Wed 16-Jul-1997 :: 'Community Radio FTR Is Tuned In' ::
Mon 21-Jul-1997 :: 'New Radio Station Is Tuning In' ::
Thu 31-Jul-1997 :: 'New Radio Countdown' ::
Tue 12-Aug-1997 :: 'Firm's Boost For Local Radio' ::

Dereham & Fakenham Times
Thu 05-Sep-1996 :: 'Hopes Of New Radio Station' :: 'Talk Of The Town - Radio Could Provide A Real Boost' ::
Thu 19-Sep-1996 :: 'Set To Tune In' ::
Thu 14-Nov-1996 :: 'On The Air' ::
Thu 06-Mar-1997 :: 'Group Hope To Make Radio Waves' ::
Thu 27-Mar-1997 :: 'Latest Radio Bid' ::
Thu 19-Jun-1997 :: 'A Familiar Sound From Radio Team' :: 'Talk Of The Town - Fingers Crossed At FTR Radio's Bid For Airtime' ::
Thu 17-Jul-1997 :: 'FTR Set To Broadcast' ::
Thu 31-Jul-1997 :: Front page advert ::
Thu 07-Aug-1997 :: 'New Station Is Right On Their Wavelength' ::
Thu 14-Aug-1997 :: 'Major Sponsorship Deal For Community Radio' ::

Lynn News
Fri 06-Sep-1996 :: 'How You Can Play A Part In Fakenham Town Radio' ::
Tue 05-Aug-1997 :: 'Fakenham Gets Its Own Radio Station' ::

Fakenham & District Sun
December 1996 :: 'Cheque Presented To FTR' ::