The engineering side of our broadcast was very important! Without it you wouldn't have heard our transmissions, and we wouldn't have had a fully operating studio. Find out more below...
This consisted of professional broadcast equipment, including a satellite system for news feeds and, at the time, the latest digital media. We even had 'old technology' in the form of record decks!

The studio equipment consisted of the following...

1 x 12 Channel Eela SRM12 Broadcast Mixer & PSU
          (3 x Microphone channels, 1 x TBU channel, 8 x Stereo Line channels)
1 x Beyer M201 Microphone
1 x Presenter Microphone (make & model unknown)
2 x Microphone Stands & Windshields
1 x Beyer DT100 Headphones
1 x Sony Headphones
2 x Denon DCD425 CD Players
2 x Sony MJDS500 MiniDisc Decks
2 x Technics SL1210 Turntables
1 x Sharp NICAM Stereo (VHS) LP Video Recorder
1 x Pair of Active II Powered Monitor Speakers
1 x Junghans Radio Controlled Analogue Table Top Clock
1 x Oregon Scientific Radio Controlled Digital Table Top Clock
1 x Stand Alone Twin Analogue A/B Peak Programme Meter
1 x 'Mic Live' Indicator
1 x Pace Satellite System
1 x Teletext Television
1 x Telephone

The studio based rack equipment considered of...

1 x Orban Optimod-FM 8101 Audio Processor
1 x SBS FMB10 Radio Data Service (RDS) Coder
1 x SBS TX400 STL Radio Link Transmitter (860.6 MHz/Ch.69 UHF)

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